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Umbert De Paris helps men 👔 who want to know how to behave in Paris 👌🇫🇷. He advises them on etiquette 👨‍🎓, manners 🤵, fashion 👕, date 💏 and lifestyle 🍾. Benefits of this coaching : Learn the French etiquette and manners Dress like a Parisian How to communicate so Parisians will love you Dining etiquette in a French restaurant How to date in The City of Lights Lifestyle in Paris Umbert De Paris was founded by Charlotte from France. Travelling a lot, she knows that education and knowledge will be the new wealth. That’s why she wants to share her experiences, advice, success, and failures, through Umbert’s journey. How to behave in Paris? Download now the free eBook "How to behave in Paris ». Enjoy the journey!

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Netiquette, social networks, and phone

Every morning, and every night, Umbert answers his emails and keeps his social networks up to date.

It is best to answer only two times a day to avoid permanent stress and interruptions.

Of course, Umbert immediately responds to everything urgent.

He reminds you of the basic principles knowing that speed often goes against what must be done. The best is to think about it before answering.

Benefits of this coaching:

  • Best methodology to become irresistible.
  • An innovative technique to unleash your charisma.
  • Learn the new etiquette & manners.
  • A better lifestyle.

“To listen well is almost to answer,” Marivaux, French writer.

1) Email

  • In principle (except between young people) won’t be familiar with a user at the first conversation.
  • Always have a politeness formula.
  • Do not use familiarity at the beginning.
  • Make a selection of attachments: do not send too much, especially not useless ones.

The goal is to be cordial and concise.

People have no time to waste, and do not want long and endless e-mails.

2) The phone

Except for an emergency, do not call before 9 am and after 9 p.m.

  1. Say “Good morning” or so.
  2. Introduce yourself as soon as the correspondent picks up.
  3. Ask if you do not bother.
  4. Be polite and concise. Go straight to the point.
  5. Suggest a lunch or dinner to talk longer.
  6. Thank and greet kindly before hanging up.

Never interfere in a phone conversation.

If you invite friends to your home and the phone does not pass, allow them to give your fixed number.

If someone calls your friends on your landline, pass the conversation directly without asking any questions.

3) Your messaging

Prepare a simple message, avoiding humor.

4) Places where to turn off your cell phone

  • Airplanes.
  • Hospitals.
  • Schools.
  • When driving a car.
  • Cinema and public places.
  • Religious ceremonies.
  • Waiting room.
  • During a professional appointment.
  • With friends except in case of necessity (in this case it is necessary to warn them).

Umbert practices these simple tips to avoid any misunderstanding.

What to remember: make it simple and polite. Nothing beats a physical appointment in case of misunderstanding.

How to become irresistible? Download now the free eBook available on this blog.

Enjoy the journey!

Umbert De Paris

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How to behave in the street, especially when traveling!

How to behave in the street, especially when traveling!

Umbert loves to wander around the city during his monthly weekends, or at night.

He knows that the new etiquette and good manners demand to be always discreet and not to disturb others, even in the street and in all circumstances.

He also pays attention to respect the people and their country when traveling.

If someone asks him his way, he always responds kindly or apologizes if he doesn’t know the answer.

When a car driver gives him the passage, he thankfully nodded politely.

Benefits of this coaching :

  • Best methodology to become irresistible
  • An innovative technique to unleash your charisma
  • Learn the new etiquette & manners
  • A better lifestyle

« Courtesy is the main part of the etiquette; it is a kind of charm by which one is loved by everyone » Jacques Deval, artist and filmmaker

1) Public transportation

Always stay behind the line and let the people exist first, especially in the subway, taxi or bus stations.

Let your seat to older persons, women or persons with disabilities, if the other places are taken.

Put your bags under your knees; they don’t need a seat.

It is not convenient to eat or unpack food; the smell will disturb the other passengers.

Please don’t talk loudly on the phone, wait that you will arrive.

Always be gentle with the driver in buses, or any employee from the public transportation company, they try to make their job the best they can. Umbert always says « good morning » or « have a nice day » to the driver.

2) When shopping

Umbert loves to shop around and discover new things and trends.

When he goes to a shop, if there is a push door to open, he always holds it if someone wants to enter after him or exit.

When it is a pull door, don’t forget to hold the door first, to let the other enter or exit.

When the elevator arrives, let the people exit first, then enter and make some space for others. This is the best way not to waste your and others time.

In the escalator stay on the right side so the people in a hurry can walk fast on the left side. People, especially in the cities are working, so if you respect them, they will also appreciate the tourists.

3) Rainy days

They are part of the charm of Paris and North Europe in general.

These days are often synonymous with congested sidewalks because many streets in old cities are narrow. Do not forget that this is what makes them historical and charming.

Umbert pays attention not to jostle someone by walking too fast, and not to disturb everyone with his umbrella.

He always lowers his umbrella to let a woman pass.

A woman, meanwhile, will lower her umbrella to let an older woman pass.

Don’t forget that many works and are often in a hurry. They should, therefore, be given priority.

On the opposite, if you are in a hurry, do not “stick” the person in front.

When Umbert inadvertently hustles someone, even if he tries never to do, he immediately apologizes.

4) The priorities, especially with women

Umbert is a gallant man when he sees a woman walking on the same sidewalk; he leaves her the side along the wall, proof that he takes care of her safety.

He always leaves room for a woman on public transportation.

A man does not turn around and look at a woman. It’s a proof of respect.

If he meets a married person with another man, he pretends not to have seen them. He lets the woman come to him if she wishes.

If a person arrives with a stroller, he moves to let her pass.

If he meets a senior, he takes a step aside to let her pass.

5) With your group of friends

Umbert knows many people in Paris, and he often meets friends in his favorite neighborhoods.

When discussing, they let the passage free, they don’t want to plug the sidewalk, even if the conversation is very lively.

The group also pay attention not to talk or laugh too loud; they don’t want to disturb people who live next door, especially at night.

6) The cleanliness

An effort must be made by everyone to respect the environment.

Residents who love their city try to keep it clean, but it’s not always easy.

Umbert, in an ecological approach, recalls that we should not throw anything randomly and on the sidewalks, there is always trash nearby.

He also tries to buy natural and organic products, when possible, to preserve all planet. This is very important for the human future.

Living in society is sometimes tricky! It is necessary to know how to make efforts even if the others do not.

This is How to behave in the street, especially when traveling!

It is imperative that we all respect the people, their culture and the environment to have a great life and future.

What you should remember: these rules contribute to the Savoir-Vivre with others, and to the well-being of all, wherever you are.

How to become irresistible? Download now the free eBook available on this blog.

Enjoy the journey!

Umbert De Paris

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How to behave at the restaurant like a gentleman

How to behave at the restaurant like a gentleman

Umbert loves to go to the restaurant. He is a gourmet, and every month, he gives you his choices for the best places. You can check Umbert Weekends in Paris.

To behave correctly at the restaurant is not a protocol matter, but part of the Art-de-Vivre and new etiquette.

Umbert helps you about How to behave at the restaurant like a gentleman.

Benefits of this coaching :

  • Best methodology to become irresistible.
  • An innovative technique to unleash your charisma.
  • Learn the new etiquette & manners.
  • A better lifestyle.

« The gastronomy is an incredible source of happiness” Pierre Hermé, famous French pastry chef.

1) Arriving at the restaurant

If you have invited a woman, be sure to arrive before the time, if not contact her. You can also read my article How to be a winner on the first date.

When arriving with a lady, a man always goes first to the restaurant, and hold the door. Why? This is an old tradition: to protect the woman from looks, or fights that were common in hostels in the past. If there is a staircase: the man goes first, it is also an old tradition because the man should not see the legs of the woman, and when they go down to avoid a fall to the lady.

Enter and wait for the butler to place you.

If the butler leads a couple to the table, the woman goes first.

It is essential to wait until the hostess places you. However, you can politely ask to change if the table proposed does not suit you.

The man gently pulls the woman’s chair to invite her to sit down and extends her right hand to the table. The woman is still sitting in front of the room and on the bench if there is one.

When Umbert invites friends to the restaurant, he asks for a table and leads his guests there.

2) At the table

If the man arrives before and is already at the table, he must get up when the woman comes to greet her.

Never sit down first. The bench is always reserved for ladies. If there are two women, they will be side by side. If there are only chairs, think of pulling the woman’s chair, unless the butler does it.

When you sit down to the table, immediately put your towel on your legs, without waiting for the dish. The towel should not be tied around the neck, shirt or belt. It must stay on your knees, except to wipe your lips before drinking, so the glass is not dirty.

Turn off your phone! Personal items shouldn’t be on the table (sunglasses, phone, keys, etc.).

Do not put elbows on the table while eating.

To make your choice on the menu, do not look at the neighbors’ plate at another table. Do not choose dishes which are too expensive, to respect the other guest regarding the bill, or too modest, so you’ll seem cheap.

The host chooses the wines, after having asked everybody if his choice suits them.

When the waiter comes to you with a bottle of red wine, look at the label to check the order. Turn the red wine in your glass delicately before tasting and agreeing.

The men serve the drink to the ladies who accompany them unless the butler does it.

Glasses: the water glass is the largest on the left. The red wine glass is the middle one; the smallest white wine glass is on the right. Wipe your lips before drinking, so you do not stain the glass.

If you do not want to drink wine, do not put your hand on the glass to refuse, but say “no thank you” to the server.

The bread is not eaten before the first course is served, even if you are starving!

Before starting to taste the dishes, wait until everyone is served. Exception: if you are many at the table, and your neighbors ask you to start. However, for an appetizer or a cold dish, wait for everyone to be served.

If you made a mistake while ordering a dish, ask the server quickly if you can still change. If this is no longer possible, accept your error with a smile.

There are numerous dining utensils to know. Take it easy: start from the ones on the outside, and come back toward the center when a new dish arrives.

Always put small portions of food into your mouth, and eat slowly.

Start the conversation and look the others in their eyes to talk. This proves your sincerity and improves your charism.

Avoid your problems, drama, work, vulgarity or heaviness. Do not complain about everything (climate, cost of living, car breakdown, noisy neighbors, etc.…). Be open, balanced, attentive, confident, cheerful. Prefer funny anecdotes, travel, art or great experiences. Do not show off with your culture, especially if your guests are not intellectuals.

Umbert and his friends love to talk and laugh. They are often numerous at the restaurant. They know however that it is necessary to speak with a moderate tone not to disturb the other clients.

Fortunately, everyone knows, so there is no disorder, and nobody is shocked!

When they need more wine, and they always do, they call the staff, saying “sir” without speaking too loudly, and without making big gestures.

If you have to leave the table for a few minutes, excuse yourself, you don’t have to say why. Place the napkin on your chair (the USA only), or the left side of the plate (Europe).

If someone in the restaurant recognizes you and stop by for a short talk, stand up for a few minutes.

3) How to eat some dishes

The salad should not be cut with a knife. Take your fork to fold the large leaves.

The oysters are eaten with elegance. It is necessary to take the shell in the left hand, to unhook the flesh with the oyster fork, and to suck it with the water from the shell without making noise.

The omelet is cut and eaten only with the fork.

For soft fishes, use the fish cutlery. If the flesh is hard, use the cutlery especially the knife.

Fruit pies can be enjoyed with the dessert spoon. If a cake is made with puff pastry, you can use a dessert knife to keep it from breaking.

Chocolate cake can leave traces around the mouth. Remember to wipe your lips, especially before drinking so that you won’t stain the glass.

Check this article for all other dishes: Should you cut your steak with the oyster’s fork? How to eat some dishes properly.

4) Leaving the restaurant

In the end, the host asks for the bill, and pay it discreetly, or share with the other men. If there are errors, do not discuss them in front of the guests.

The tip should be around 15%, more if the service were terrific or if you get individual attention and gifts.

As you leave, slide between the tables facing the next table.

On your way out thank the staff and compliment the manager, saying that it was delicious and you will come back.

On leaving, do not talk on the sidewalk making noise; people sleep around.

If a woman has come by taxi, or with her car, accompany her. For the cab, open the side door on the sidewalk for the woman. If you take it too, go around to get on the street side.

If you take her home, wait until she has entered the building.

Call everybody the next day to thank for this fantastic dinner at the restaurant.

This is much advice on how to behave at the restaurant, and more will come.

Try to learn them step by step, so each time you go to the restaurant add one.

Don’t forget to check Umbert Weekends in Paris to find some cool spots.

What you should remember: it is imperative to respect the new etiquette and good manners at the restaurant. Your guests will judge your education and savoirvivre on this. Your reputation depends on it, and it is even more critical for business lunches.

How to become irresistible? Download now the free eBook available on this blog.

Enjoy the journey!

Umbert De Paris

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More advices for a quick date

Tonight Georges, who is one of Umbert’s best friend, has a date at Les 2 Magots in Paris.

Georges is a little stress and need more advice from Umbert to be more confident.

Umbert likes to help his friends. That’s why he writes about Date.

Benefits of this coaching :

  • Best methodology to become irresistible
  • An innovative technique to unleash your charisma
  • Learn the new etiquette & manners
  • A better lifestyle

“What we encounter in life is destiny. The way we meet her is a personal effort,” Sathya Sai Baba.

1) Before the date

  1. Check your clothing. Wear clean clothes. It seems obvious, but it’s better to remember. Avoid right away: dirty t.shirt, a jean with holes, dirty shoes, heels damaged, soles with holes (yes, people look at your feet if you do not know how to sit!). Wear simple clothes that enhance, where you feel natural and comfortable.
  2. Of course, you will have also taken care of your physical cleanliness (hair, nails, skin).
  3. Do not wear too much perfume.
  4. Speak in front of your mirror once ready. It will give you insurance.
  5. Forget all your worries;otherwise do not go there.

Nothing beats an “arrival” smiling, relaxed, with a confident attitude.

2) During the date

Turn off your cell phone.

Always be natural, charming and courteous.

Do not talk about your work, trouble, family, breakup.

Ask questions; women love to be listen.

Stay relaxed; it’s a party.

Dominate your shyness.

Smile and look her in her eyes.

Do not cut the floor.

When talking, avoid “me I,” and prefer, “I think that” or “it seems to me,” “in my opinion.”

If you feel an attraction, you can touch her arm while talking.

Specify what you are looking for in the relationship.

The difficulty is to talk about your qualities, without putting too much value.

Remember that women don’t like:

  • Men who show off, and talk about everything they are supposed to possess.
  • The stubborn who talks about money, and especially how to save it. Attention! It is you Sir who must pay the totality of the bill.
  • The false intellectual who pretends to know everything.
  • The seducer who enumerates his conquests and considers himself already a winner.
  • The obsessed who talks about sex constantly.
  • The unfortunate man with whom from the first sentence we are in the drama.

3) What men don’t like:

The hyper-liberated woman, often unstable.

Those who do not respect your private life. She is always listening to you and doing everything you want.

The authoritarian: Either we obey, or we leave!

The agitated who lists all the activities she does.

The depressive who lives in problems

The snobbish looking only for a comfortable material life. Do you have enough money to pay for her lavish lifestyle?

Georges is so happy to get that quick advice before tonight date.

He now feels more confident and will enjoy the party for sure.

What to remember: do not try to change your style at the first appointment. Stay natural, if you play a role, she will see it immediately! In any case, if your usual style does not please, it is not worth going further.

How to become irresistible? Download now the free eBook available on this blog.

Enjoy the journey! 

Umbert De Paris

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How to leave the party in style

How to leave the party in style

The dinner is over; the coffee is served, you have to know when to leave according to the New Etiquette.

Entering the room and make a fantastic impression is very important to be irresistible.

However, leaving the party in style too, so they remember you.

Benefits of this coaching :

  • Best methodology to become irresistible.
  • An innovative technique to unleash your charisma.
  • Learn the new etiquette & manners.
  • A better lifestyle.

« Paris is a party,» Ernest Hemingway, writer.

1) General rules

When Umbert is invited, he always observes the other guests know when he should leave.

So, when all the other guests have already left, he knows it’s time to thank the hosts and call a taxi back home.

French like parties that end at a late hour. However, when you see the host is tired, you know it’s time to leave.

He stays just if the hosts ask for it, especially if the conversation is passionate.

Sometimes Umbert also invites friends. He rents one of the fantastic reception rooms of a Parisian palace. He likes The Ritz; for example, it remembers him the 90’s and the crazy parties there. He wants his guests to enjoy their evening until the end, so he remains cheerful and warm, even if it lasts until the early morning. He then accompanies his guests and thanks them for coming. Isn’t it all the charm of Paris and the French way of life?

2) Leaving the table

First, watch for the first signs of trouble or fatigue in the guests or hosts. On weekdays, think of the hosts who work the next day.

You cannot leave until the hostess (housewife) has stood up first, followed by the host (husband) and the other men who should push out the chairs of their neighbors.

Then place your unfolded towel on the right side of the plate.

Leave as discreetly as possible.

3) What to say

Do not leave without greeting or thanking the hosts.

A compliment to the hostess is always welcome.

Greet the other guests only if they get up too.

If it is very late, and there are still several guests, you can address a collective “Good night,” and warmly greet the hosts.

4) The next days

No matter the quality of the evening, you must thank the hostess the next day, by phone or with a thank you card.

It is imperative to invite the hosts in the next 1 to 2 months.

If you met people you like, invite them for the first time too.

Paris and its parties, Ernest Hemingway, is right: « Paris is a party.»

Now you know How to leave the party in style.

The dandy-chic, the laughs, the music, it’s always fun, and Umbert and his male friends like to go there to seduce the pretty girls. Still in style!

What must be remembered: the way you leave is as meaningful as the way you enter a room. Do it in style, thank the hosts, make a compliment, leave discreetly saying a general « Good night » most of the time.

How to become irresistible? Download now the free eBook available on this blog.

Enjoy the journey!

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